There’s Still Hope In Your Marriage

Wives, you may be here because you’re thinking of leaving your husband. You may be here because you’ve already left him. Whatever your current situation, you feel like the family you built together is crumbling before your eyes.

A S.E.A.L. to Heal Your Marriage is meant for the man in your life who never truly understood you. This book will help him see the underlying causes of problems in your relationship. It will help him understand the needs you have that he never knew how to meet.

Communication Is Key

It may feel like you and your man are speaking two totally different languages, and right now that is probably the truth. A S.E.A.L. to Heal Your Marriage will teach your husband what your unique language is and how to communicate in a way that helps rather than hurts.

Save Your Marriage

Give this book to your husband if you want to save your marriage. You can give it to him with or without explanation. It may be the wake-up call he needs. Even if you have given up hope on saving your marriage, this book can help him understand what went wrong and help him to find happiness in life.

Ultimate Guide For Men

Written by a decorated Navy SEAL Veteran, A S.E.A.L. to Heal Your Marriage is the ultimate operational guide for men to help them learn from Darek’s mistakes and understand what it means to be truly dedicated to their wife and family.

A S.E.A.L. to Heal Your Marriage will show your husband:

  • How treat you the way you want to be treated

  • The source of common marital problems

  • How to identify his ``enemies``

  • What it Takes to choose you every day

  • Ultimately, how to get your marriage back on track

About The Author

Darek Laviolette began writing this book as a heartfelt apology to his ex-wife and children. As a child, Darek was exposed to self-help, and later that helped him to understand what went so wrong in his own marriage. During his decade of thorough research, he found his calling to help others that struggle to keep their marriages afloat. Darek is a highly decorated, retired Navy SEAL with twenty-four years of service. His time in the Navy helped to cultivate his never-quit attitude that eventually led to the development of this book and a career in life coaching. Darek is passionate about helping families stay intact and tap into the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Darek Laviolette