Your wife may be thinking of leaving you. You may be here because she already left. Whatever your current situation, you feel like the family you built together is crumbling before your eyes.

By now, you know my story and the agony my family and I went through. As a Navy SEAL, HELL week was nothing, compared to the pain of losing my family.

I can show you the path to take, so you can avoid that heartache. If you have children, they need you to raise them, not some other guy. I’ll show you how to avoid doing what I did so you won’t lose what I lost.


I’m not sure if the program is right for me or if it’s too late for me already.

Darek encourages men who are not ready for the EC program not to waste their time and money if they have any doubt about a coaching experience with Darek because that doubt or fear may prevent you from following through with the course and/or coaching advice. Prior to making a decision, you can email Darek to get his opinion about whether you, and your situation, are a fit for coaching with Darek at this point in your life.

My wife has filed for divorce and says “it’s over”. Is there any hope or it is it already too late?

Not at all. Stay cool. Recommend you press pause on conversations with your wife. Calmly let her know that you are genuinely feeling overwhelmed with the news she just hit you with that you are sure you are to blame and that you need a couple minutes to process.

How soon can I get started? Do I have to wait for materials to arrive?

Nothing is shipped to you and all materials are delivered online. Once you have enrolled in the EC Home Study Course, all seven modules of the course will be available to you immediately for download. You will be downloading videos, audios, and reading material in PDF format.

As Darek explains in the above video, it is important that you learn the language and the tools of the EC course so that when you begin your coaching with Darek, you will both be using the same language to help you begin applying in real time what you now understand.

Will this course work if I live overseas in a different time zone?

Doesn’t matter if you live on the moon. All materials are delivered online and coaching calls can be conducted via Skype – no long distance phone charges apply.

How soon can I expect to see results with what I am learning from Darek?

This answer depends on how committed you are to doing the work of applying the EC tools and understanding and how receptive you are to applying what Darek is teaching you.

How do I actually get started in this EC course and with Darek’s coaching?

To get started, you enroll in the EC Home Study Course on this page and select your desired coaching plan to complement the course. If you dedicated 5 hours per week for the next three weeks to completing the course, you could get through the home study course in that three-week period. Once you’ve finished with the materials, you will begin working with Darek because the two of you will share the same language and tools.

You should plan your schedule ahead of time so that once you complete the EC Home Study Course in the next three weeks, you are then able to set aside time to schedule your coaching calls with Darek.

The coaching plan options break down as follows. Calls can be scheduled on an as-needed basis or a predefined schedule. They can also be broken into one hour or 30 minute sessions.

1. Level 1 support plan: 3 hours total
2. Level 2 support plan: 5 hours total
3. Level 3 support plan: 7 hours total

About The EC Program

The EC program gets to the source of behavior instead of dwelling on the past. Your wife responds to the energy you are giving off, not what you do or say. This step-by-step process shows you how to become the man your wife fell in love with – the man she wants to be around.

This video presentation was created by Larry Bilotta, my mentor and developer of The EC. Through this video, you’ll understand how it is possible for a man to save his marriage without his wife’s participation. It will help you make sense of why your marriage fell apart and show you how you can create a new relationship with your wife like you’ve never had before.


Level 1 Private Coaching + EC Home Study Course


The Level 1 coaching plan is right for you if you don’t need a lot of one-on-one support, but periodically want to be sure you’re on the right track. Private coaching sessions in this plan can be take place at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Investment: One-time payment of $947

Women seeking coaching with Darek – enroll here

Level 2 Private Coaching + EC Home Study Course


The Level 2 coaching plan is right for you if you typically have a good grasp on learning new insights, but would like to have a “safety net” of “on demand” motivation, guidance and support when you need it most. Private coaching sessions in this plan can be take place at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Investment: One-time payment of $1199

Women seeking coaching with Darek – enroll here

Level 3 Private Coaching + EC Home Study Course


The Level 3 coaching plan is right for you if you anticipate you’ll have a lot of questions and need a good deal of motivation, guidance and support throughout your journey of winning your wife’s heart back. Private coaching sessions in this plan can be take place at a pre-determined schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Investment: One-time payment of $1447

Women seeking coaching with Darek – enroll here

About The Author

Darek Laviolette began writing this book as a heartfelt apology to his ex-wife and children. As a child, Darek was exposed to self-help, and later that helped him to understand what went so wrong in his own marriage. During his decade of thorough research, he found his calling to help others that struggle to keep their marriages afloat. Darek is a highly decorated, retired Navy SEAL with twenty-four years of service. His time in the Navy helped to cultivate his never-quit attitude that eventually led to the development of this book and a career in life coaching. Darek is passionate about helping families stay intact and tap into the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Darek Laviolette